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Plugins: Grab 'em while they're stale

by Simon Harris

I don’t like leaving unused code lying around, unused applications installed, unused clothes in the wardrobe, etc. As a consequence I’m often referred to as ‘Mr. Detritus’.

As you probably know, I’ve created a number of Ruby on Rails plugins over the years. Most of them when I first started out with Rails and for that matter, Ruby. Most of them had poor (if any) test coverage and the code looked generally like a dog’s breakfast but they satisfied a need – scratched an itch if you like – I had at the time.

Time marches on and although I will continue to use Ruby as a language, I no longer have any desire to use Rails. Some of my plugins ended up in Rails core, I’ve continued to use others on recent projects but most of them have been left to rot – some of them I wouldn’t use even if I did another Rails project having long since considered them failed experiments.

And so it is that I will very shortly (within the next month) delete most of the plugins from my GitHub account. If you wish to continue using them, feel free to fork and keep a copy for yourself. Republish them under your own name if you wish for they will no doubt be better cared for by you than me.


By popular demand, a Once off never to be repeated copy of the UNSUPPORTED Rails plugins.