My hovercraft is full of eels deploy task for Octopress

by Simon Harris

Further to my previous post, I also added a rake task to my Rakefile that uses rsync to deploy:

rsync_delete   = false
deploy_default = "local"

# snip

desc "Deploy website via local rsync"
task :local do
  exclude = ""
  if File.exists?('./rsync-exclude')
    exclude = "--exclude-from '#{File.expand_path('./rsync-exclude')}'"
  puts "## Deploying website via local rsync"
  ok_failed system("rsync -avz #{exclude} #{"--delete" unless rsync_delete == false} #{public_dir}/ #{deploy_dir}")

I initally thought it would be pretty neat to work out the local website location in Dropbox but in the end I decided it was simpler to just leave the deploy_dir variable set to the default "_deploy" and have that directory symlinked to the approproprate Dropbox folder.