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Rural Americans are importing tiny Japanese pickup trucks

  1. by Simon Harris
  2. Apr 30, 2023
  3. 1 min

(via Benji)

I used to drive one of these in Japan. The dojo had one as the primary means for the live-in students to move heavy goods and run errands beyond the local village. They are the perfect size.

Unlike new vehicles with onboard computers and complicated proprietary parts, Kei trucks are easy to modify and repair. […] “MotoCheez”, a mechanic from Connecticut, says his YouTube channel’s popularity soared after he started featuring his Kei truck.

A 12% switch from monogastric to ruminant livestock production can reduce emissions and boost crop production for 525 million people | Nature Food

  1. by Simon Harris
  2. Apr 16, 2023
  3. 1 min

Counterintuitive research for 7 points, please:

Ruminants have lower feed use efficiency than monogastric livestock, and produce higher reactive nitrogen and methane emissions, but can utilize human-inedible biomass through foraging and straw feedstock. Here we conduct a counterfactual analysis, replacing ruminants with monogastric livestock to quantify the changes in nitrogen loss and greenhouse gas emissions globally from a whole life cycle perspective. Switching 12% of global livestock production from monogastric to ruminant livestock could reduce nitrogen emissions by 2% and greenhouse gas emissions by 5% due to land use change and lower demand for cropland areas for ruminant feed. The output from released cropland could feed up to 525 million people worldwide. More ruminant products, in addition to optimized management, would generate overall benefits valued at US$468 billion through reducing adverse impacts on human and ecosystem health, and mitigating climate impacts.